ACCEL Carrageenan Corporation (ACC) is the new name in food grade semi-refined carrageenan. Formerly RICO PHILIPPINES Industrial Corporation (RPIC), the new company was further enhanced and expanded to suit to the growing demand of quality carrageenan products.

Established in 1990 through a joint venture of Rico Industrial Taiwan and Marcel Trading Corporation (MTC) of the Philippines, RPIC’s initial activities were focused on producing both semi-refined and refined carrageenan under an exclusive selling arrangement to MTC.

In early 2000, RPIC, still the sole supplier of MTC (also known as Marcel Carrageenan), moved up to producing food-grade semi-refined carrageenan. Seventy percent (70%) of its output was channeled by Marcel to carrageenan buyers in Asia, Europe and the United States. The remaining 30% was sold to the domestic market through an affiliated distribution company serving the top food corporations and conglomerates in the Philippine market.

ACCEL is everything that RICO was …. and more. In the rich RICO tradition, ACCEL carries on the leadership as one of the top players in the Philippine carrageenan industry.