Message from the President

A new company, a new look, but with a cherished tradition of excellence and quality - a history that takes its place in the annals of the Philippine carrageenan and food industries.

This is Accel Carrageenan, the direct and proud offspring of Rico Philippines Industrial Corporation, the same uncompromising attitude towards customer satisfaction and quality, the same bias for the utmost in versatility and creativity, the same priority for giving the best at all times - this makes Accel Carrageenan unique.

With the advent of global industry crisis and growing demand for quality carrageenan products, our company thrives for first-rate and unequivocal service to our clients without any prejudice. We commit to professional work ethics, absolute dedication, and fair competition that propel our team to the summit of success.

But there is also something new. There is a new and larger vision of service and achievement. There is a new breath of enthusiasm and energy that drives the company. There is a new sense of commitment, a new drive towards the future. And all that means just one thing - better service to our customers.

The secret behind the Accel Carrageenan mystique is we regard our customers as the most integral part of our team with the aim of inducing our business gratification to the greatest extent.

To a bright and fruitful future for all of us!

To God be all the Glory



To revolutionize carrageenan production and become the model of industry excellence.

We provide the world with extraordinary quality and service that direct the industry hallmark.

Meet our global clientele’s needs with quality product at the most competitive prices.

Employ exceptional people and train them on new technologies while promoting personal growth and individual creativity.

Anchor our services on honest, integrity, ethics and professionalism while achieving favorable returns to the company and its employees.